Monday, July 16, 2007

Revelation Space

Revelation Space
Alastair Reynolds

'It was better to live; better to carry a memory of a memory, than suffer
the vast burden of knowing.' - pg 458

I finished this novel two weeks ago, and finally found the stamina to write a quick blurb on it.

"Mundane prologue to an absolutely riveting finale". - omninaif

Maybe it was the fact that I had previously read the first 70 page about 6 months earlier and finally got around to finishing it. It was difficult, in the fact, that I had forgotten much of the plot and characters. So I suppose it was my fault that the first 300 pages seemed to rattle on endlessly. But I stand on the fact that this book ends with a bang. Reynolds would still have to be my favorite SF writer.

Next from him would be his 'Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days.'

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