Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Fevre Dream

George R. R. Martin

"Joshua York stared at him for half of forever." - pg 348

Just thinking of Martin makes my body shake with anticipation. The anticipation of brilliance. His 'Song of Ice and Fire' series has reeled me into his intense domain. And I love him for it. Even reading 'Fevre Dream', an older(1982) novel, has that same intensity of characters. Although not an epic as 'SOIAF' it was a great story. Vampires on the Mississippi, Civil war and steamboat era. Sounded a bit corny to me at first but also knowing it would be dense to think it would be.

I thoroughly enjoyed his ability to strip away the stereotypical vampire abilities (not including daylight) and emerse them in more physchological powers. Such as the control one can have over another with the power of ones eyes. The ability to 'bend' ones fortitude to submission with clever and loving words. And the ability to be unique. Not all vampires (a word must scorn, for it does not entirely fit them) are clone copies of their brothers and sisters. Some lead, some follow, but all have the ability to choice. As Joshua York's struggle with Damon Julian shows.

I loved this fast read. And I recommend it to all fantasy/horror/Martin fans.

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