Monday, June 11, 2007

Far Horizons

Edited by Robert Silverberg

This is a great short story collection from authors who add a little bit more to their already expanded worlds and galaxies. I mainly bought this book for two authors/series and, a perk, the fact that each author writes a page or two blurb on the series/events/history or ideas that went into it. Fun stuff.

Investment Counselor (Enders Series)
Orson Scott Card

Fun story of how/why Andrew and Valentine Wiggins travel to different systems over the 300 years since the Third Bugger War. But mostly on how 'Jane' finds Ender and helps him with his crucial taxes. This is a fast but good read for anybody that wants a bit more from the Ender Series but doesn't want to read all the Bean, Peter and whatever other type of continuum is out there now.

Orphans of the Helix (Hyperion Cantos)
Dan Simmons

I loved this series when I first read it (and now consider it the best space opera I have read), and this ss was the main reason of me buying this book (besides the bargain bin). The events take place hundreds of years after the 'Shared Moment' of the last book (The Rise of Endymion) with the Amoiete Spectrum Helix people with the help of the Aeneans trying to find their own niche in the universe. Finding and helping Ousters and another alien race on the way. I love this series so much it could have been the operational manuel for the space suit fecal matter removal system and I would have read and enjoyed it. I was confused at the end of this story though. Just a tad. But, no doubt, the confession will help in my small obsession with the Hyperion Cantos.


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